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  • The Limits of Localist Reforms

    First published in Human Geography, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2011 Abstract: Localism is an ideology suggesting that small changes in economic organisation can foster widespread social change. However, it lacks an understanding of how capital centralization sets limits on the viability of decentralized production, local technologies and ethical small business. Localism shares the same bias […]

  • New book out-Late Escapism and Contemporary Neoliberalism: Alienation, Work and Utopia

    To say that an alienated society needs escapism is a judgment on the society, not the coping methods of its subjects. If anything, escapism shows how imperfectly integrated people are into late capitalism, and the stubborn spark of creativity that illuminates the darkness. Chapter Five, The uses of escapism My latest book, released in July […]

  • Cooperatives as Transitional Economics

    First published in Review of Radical Economics, Fall 2017 Many left-wing advocates suggest that co-operatives are not only part of a post-capitalist future but a central tool to create it. The activists of the early socialist movement grappled with similar questions, and these insights can be grouped around three premises. First, the entire left co-operative […]

  • Accelerationism and the Limits of Technological Transcendence

    First published in 2018, Filozofski Vestnik. 39(2), pp. 163-177. When the social movement Occupy declared ‘The system is broken’, it meant that a global order supposedly devoted to equitable growth no longer provided a fair distribution of goods or access to opportunities. This analysis was partially correct: economists are declaring a new Gilded Age, in […]